Audiology Department


­The Centre has its own fully equipped audio-room. This forms the base from which the children’s technology and hearing are monitored.

Coordinating repairs, the ordering of batteries and accessories are managed from this office.

We also believe in giving back…

The Community Hearing Outreach Project (CHOP) was taken over from the previous Trust; it was established some 7 years ago, with funding from a local mining company, who have subsequently withdrawn from the area.

The programme goes out to screen babies’ hearing in immunization clinics under the Tshwane Department of Social Development.

Like most projects in this Centre, it has expanded to accommodate the clinic staff and their families, older siblings coming with younger siblings for their health checks, a local primary school and also a Centre for children and teens living with mental disabilities out in outlying communities.

Under new management the project is now reaching into nursery schools and new born nurseries in local hospitals too.

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