Early Childhood Development Program


The Centre provides a full developmental stimulation program for children aged 18 months to 5 years catering for up to 40 children.

Entrance Criteria

Preference is given to children who:
  • Have a degree of hearing loss with an additional developmental challenge, or hearing children with language learning difficulties and an additional challenge.
  • Are between the ages of 18 months – 5 years, children outside of these criteria may be accepted or accommodated in the programme at the discretion of management. NB! THE YOUNGER THE BETTER.
  • Have normal cognitive functioning.
The acceptance process:
  • An interview with the Centre Manager, where an entry evaluation will be done.
  • The decision to accept a child into the programme is taken by the Centre Manager in conjunction with relevant members of the staff and the Management Committee.
  • The final class placement is made by the Centre Manager, in conjunction with relevant staff members according to the following criteria: language level, age, stage of emotional development and social adaptability.

Exceptions can and will be made on an individual case basis at the discretion of the Centre management.

General information


We are open from 7h00 to 17h00.
Our education program runs from 8h00 to 13h00, and our afternoon care program runs from 13h00 to 17h00.
A holiday care program is offered during all school holidays through the year and the Centre only closes over the December School holidays each year.

Fee structure

A yearly non-refundably registration fee of:

  • If registering in term 1 – R500,00
  • If registering in term 2 – R375,00
  • If registering in term 3 – R250,00
  • If registering in term 4 – R150,00

Once off deposit of R3 000,00 – this will be deducted from your final account when your child leaves the programme with the required one months written notice period.

School fees:

  • Half-day (7h15 – 13h00) R3 600,00 per month
  • Sleep     (7h15 – 15h00) R3 700,00 per month
  • Full-day (7h15 – 17h00) R3 800,00 per month

Extra murals:
Two compulsory extra murals are offered, namely Kiddibeat and Ball Stars at a cost of R240 per month which is included in the fee above.


The children receive breakfast, a snack at 10 am, a full lunch (protein, starch and a vegetable) at 12h40, and those staying in the afternoon care programme have another snack at 15h00. This is included in the monthly fee.

Additional therapies

At present we are able to offer parent guidance on the premises; whereby families are guided in how to create a language rich home environment. This is compulsory for all families attending the Centre.

Our dream is to offer in-house speech and occupational therapy services; but at present we ask to work with your existing therapists. This way our staff can support your child’s progress.

Our staff and classes

We currently offer English and Afrikaans mediums of instruction. Our teachers receive continuous training in order to better serve the children. We have 6 to 8 children in a class with a teacher and an assistant to ensure that the children receive the attention and care needed to help them develop optimally.

Compulsory extra mural activities

Kiddibeat – is a music programme offered by a qualified music teacher who has much experience of working with our children. Music is vital, even for children with a hearing loss.

Ball Stars – is a gross motor and ball skill programme. Many of our children have difficulty with motor skills so this is a valuable addition to our programme.

We strive to…

Ensure that each child is well balanced in all of the following areas:

           Religious foundations                 Language skills
                                              Listening skills
Emotional development           Social skills           Motor skills
           Perceptual skills                              Cognitive skills
                                Creativity                  Music

And last, but not least…

The child is educated according to the principles of normal development through experienced-based education methods.

For more information contact our Centre.

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