PPE to Open campaign

With three months of very limited income, we face a real challenge meeting all the new health, sanitization and personal protection requirements.  The Early Childhood Development sector were only granted permission to return to their buildings on Monday 22 June.

We have to change our thinking about what our programme will now look like, how we will teach a child with developmental difficulties and hearing technology to wear a mask (why we are going to use visors, to practice physical distancing, and how we will adapt our hands on programme to work around COVID19.

And now added to all this, the list of health and safety requirements is growing, because we have to protect one of our country’s most precious assets – the next generation. Please consider making a donation in kind or making a donation into our account clearly referenced ‘PPE’ and what you would like us to use your contribution for i.e. PPE gloves.

Email your name, address, and proof of payment to admin@whisperscentre.co.za if you require an 18A certificate.

Daily PPE requirements

  • 5 boxes of disposable gloves (minimum to open with)
  • 5 pairs of dishwashing gloves
  • 2 box Plastic catering aprons (morning screening and kitchen)
  • 1 Box of disposable masks for those who arrive without
  • 10 spray bottles for hand sanitizer
  • 10 litres hand sanitizer
  • 10 litres liquid soap
  • 36 cloth masks (to meet minimum requirement – four staff members will need 4 each for practical purposes 42 cloth masks)
  • Paper towel for hand drying for staff and children
  • 15 x Adult face shields (includes three spares)
  • 10 litres Alcohol surface cleaner (at least 10 l to start)
  • Minimum 44 face shields for the children – have identified specific ones we know our children will wear.  Cost is R65 per face shield.
  • 8 sets of ladies overalls (one on, one in the wash)
  • Plastic catering gloves
  • Plastic catering aprons
  • Hair nets
  • 10 medium sized pedal operated closed dustbins
  • 1 large sturdy kitchen pedal operated closed dustbin
  • 8 high quality mops that will stand up to the work load and the harsh chemicals
  • Large zip lock bags (sending clothing and masks home for washing)
  • 5 different coloured buckets for each of the different cleaning tasks
  • Cleaning cloths of different colours (attempt to match to colour of )buckets

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