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About Whispers


To foster and support the development of functional language in children with any degree of hearing loss, using any type of hearing technology, who may also have one or more additional challenges. Working with a natural developmental pattern, in collaboration and respecting the parent’s role as their child’s primary decision maker. To allow each child to become the unique talented person they were meant to be. In so doing we wish to share our experience and knowledge with other professionals in the field by way of training and participating in research.


To be a Centre of excellence, where hearing and language impaired children’s listening and spoken language potential are maximized, along with their general development, from birth to school placement and beyond.


  • To always act in the most professional way possible.
  • To always serve & work within a relationship of trust & respect.
  • To always serve & function as a team.
  • To always be led by the parents we serve, to honour their role as their child’s primary case managers.


  • Early Childhood Development
  • Parent Guidance
  • Skype Intervention
  • Mainstream/School Support
  • Professional Development and Student Training
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